10 Things to be grateful for This Quarantine

We humans have a weird tendency of always looking things in the negative sense. These few months we spent have been full of laziness, procrastination, and boredom. But honestly, was it all that was?

Here are things we can be grateful for this quarantine.

Image source: cottonbro from Pexels

10 things we can be grateful for this quarantine

YOUR family WHO is there for you THROUGH THICK AND THIN

Being with your family is one of the most comforting feelings in the world, isn’t it? This quarantine, for a change, we sat down with our families. We talked about old times, we played board games, we did household chores together, we looked at old photo albums, watched movies and what not. Our families have been our support system this quarantine. Ordinarily, in the hassle of work and our own life we forget this important part. This may have been a phase to you, but think about your parents, grandparents, they are going to remember this time till the end, because that is the most amount of time you spent with them.


We discovered ourselves.

Where some people started following their passions, some of them started pursuing new ones. Some people started playing piano, some people started singing, some people started dancing again after several years whereas some people started making memes to entertain the others. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. If you managed to keep yourself busy at this time, you passed this phase happily, and now when we go back to work again, we can work with a enthusiasm of working.


We saw our favorite TV shows/ movies again.

No other cartoon, no other series can replace your childhood ones, right? We turned on our TVs, we binged watched the old series on Netflix. Especially if you are an Indian, you know about Ramayana and Mahabharata, who broke the TRP (Television Rating Point) records of any other series. You wouldn’t admit it, but you knew everything about staying at home was fun.


We connected virtually.

Google duo, Zoom, Hangouts, online games, took a toll this quarantine. We not only connected, but we shared. Remember how you did not have the time to answer to your mom’s calls at work, well i am sure there wouldn’t have been a day that went without talking to mom. We talked to some new people, some of the oldest friends, we sank in the pool of nostalgia, and overthink-ed a lot of decisions we made. We played video games. Those video calls just made you feel like you were with the people like always. We turned out to be communicating more with our loved ones. There have been so many positive impacts that are unseen.


We gave cooking a shot, or we burned down the house (but that’s okay!)

This quarantine also saw a lot of cooking trends, the most popular among those, Dalgona Coffee. People’s Instagram were loaded with food made by them, some enjoyed Home cooked food after years, whereas the people who were amateurs to the world of cooking just filled their stomach by looking at the food made by others. Instant Noodles, Bread, Frozen food were a constant support. Whereas mom’s video calls were a constant guide to cooking (more than any unreliable recipes). The starting was a hell but as it continued, we adapted to it, like we humans always do.


We REALIZED how much we love our offices.

No matter how efficient we try to be at homes, work environment is very necessary for a productive output. Just surrounded by your colleagues and the workload is what drives the motivation. Balancing work life with relaxation hasn’t exactly been balance this quarantine, but if you look at it, it surely has urged people to think “When will we able to go the office?”. Now when offices do open, people will be enthusiastic, motivated to work. This is what has been the aim of the companies, to motivate the employees.

Looking at the half filled glass is better than mourning over the half empty one.


We learnt the importance of self discipline.

The drive to achieve something comes from within you. Where some people just wasted this time in procrastination & criticizing the situation, some people dedicated more work hours to help improve the situation. Some NGOs worked for more hours to gather funds to help those in need. Some celebrities even at their homes, tried reaching out to people, tried to entertain them so that they did not feel the urge of moving out. All it takes is the discipline. Some people were capable of finding opportunities within the chaos. We humans, can adapt to every situation if we desire. No force is as powerful that can swipe off our existence. In difficult times, we must stay together and fight all the storms.


We learnt how much we can enjoy in our own company.

In this phase, we got a little more of “ME TIME”. We pursued the old hobbies again. we tried cooking, we followed Instagram trends, we read our favorite books, we saw our favorite movies, we pampered ourselves with several self care days. This quarantine has been about enjoying some time with yourself. And trust me, spending time with yourself is better than time spent with anyone else.


We let the nature heal.

Where people were isolated, several factories shut down, there was no littering, vehicles were in the basement, there was no smoke.

After so many years, we saw, the sunrise, the sunsets, the beautiful clouds, the twinkling stars, the bright moonlight, the peacocks, birds chirping, the typical scenic nature. This nature has given birth to us and it is the sole factor for our survival. This quarantine, us staying at home, has given time to the mother earth to breathe away from the pollution, global warming. Also i am publishing this blog today, 5th June, World Environment day. So thank you people for staying at your homes, and letting mother earth heal.

IMAGE SOURCE: www.metro.co.uk

We are alive.

At the end, that is what matters right? The most valuable to us is life and this maybe a setback but every setback gives us a power, a power to rise up with a bigger force. After all the fight for survival is the most human one. We may have lost our loved ones, or we may have very less money in our pockets, but always remember everyday comes with new rays of sunshine. If the sun sets today, it will rise again tomorrow.


In this phase, it is important to stay together help each other out. This way we will truly be able to cure ourselves of this deadly disease.

Thank you for reading our blog. Hope you all are healthy, 
happy & safe. 
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2 thoughts on “10 Things to be grateful for This Quarantine

  1. Such an amazing description. This time has been really amazing, you get the break from work (which we keep complaining for the entire year) so why not enjoy it!

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